I started collecting games about 20 years ago, but all this really started a few years back… oh, wait.

Hi, I’m Derek… I’m on the left up there. That’s Jord on the right.

The Lower Playfield was a project that began during the pandemic. We weren’t leaving the house. We had all those machines upstairs, and we were running out of room for more. We had basement space, but it was pretty yucky.

So we planned, finished the basement area, and ended up with this:

A nice finished basement, where we could host our friends and maybe do something fun outside of pinball. Well, you know how this story ends, right? Pinballs expand to take up all available space, etc etc?

Yep, we knew we had to share the space with our friends we all met post pandemic who also loved pinball. Thus, the Lower Playfield was born! So, if you’re interested, make sure you sign up and hopefully you can join us one of these days for a friendly, fun Pinball tourney!