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Love Will Tear Us Apart Target Matchplay Tournament

February 24 @ 10:30 am - 6:30 pm


Registration: https://forms.gle/PwM4Gs5KLJsbxSn2A

An update on TLP Announce Dates and Registration Dates

Tournament Details

  • February 24th, 2024 at the Lower Playfield in Goffstown NH.
  • Doors at 10:30 AM, Tournament starts promptly at 11:30.
  • 32 player limit
  • This event is IFPA sanctioned
  • Balanced Target Matchplay (7/5/3/1 to 56) with a finals component. Minimum TGP 92%. Expected TGP expected over 112%.
  • Registration begins at Noon Eastern on Saturday, February 3rd.
  • $25 per player ($15 prize pool, $9 house fee for free play, electricity offset, snacks and drinks, $1 IFPA Endorsement fee) is due via Paypal/Venmo within 72h of registration. Cash at door accepted for players who have played 2 tournaments in the last year here — you must contact Derek or Jordan to make arrangements if you’re paying cash at door or some other way.

Target Matchplay using IFPA Scoring (7/5/3/1 or 7/4/1), on alternating banks of “longer playing” and “shorter playing” games. In the spirit of love, all pairings will be balanced, meaning you should get an opportunity to play with everyone throughout the day! The end of the tournament will be nigh when one player hits 56 points (The year Ian Curtis was born — look it up kids). Play will continue until either: 4 players have reached the target score, or 3 additional rounds of play have been completed after the first person has hit the target. Any exact ties for top 4 will be broken on a 3 ball game of Grand Prix (or similar, if the game is unavailable at the time of the tiebreak).

The top 4 will compete in a 4 game playoff in Build-A-Bank format. The 1st seed will have the first game pick, and will earn a subsequent pick for as many additional rounds that were played after they hit the target. Any available game picks will cascade to the next seed for choosing. (For example, if the top seed hits the target on round 9, and the last round is round 11, the top seed will choose the first 3 games, and the second seed would choose one.)

Players 5-8 will play a single game not chosen in the finals for a $20 Funspot Tokens gift card! Thank you to Funspot for furnishing this prize!

We will run a game of prize money stallball for all after the finals get underway, and you’re of course welcome to stay and play freeplay after the tourney ends for a bit as well!

We anticipate, based on past tournaments, the Matchplay portion to take roughly 4-5 hours, and the finals to take an additional hour. We have similar formats before and feel reasonably confident in these time estimates.

Players who have Registered (manually updated, please be patient)

  1. Derek Correia (TD) (paid)
  2. Jordan Knights (paid)
  3. Amber Lee (paid)
  4. Joe Lemire (COD)
  5. Vince Vitiello (paid)
  6. Julia Barnes-Brown (paid)
  7. Brian O’Neill (paid)
  8. Allison O’Neill (paid)
  9. Richard Lasker (paid)
  10. Seamus Meader (paid)
  11. Tim Desmarais (paid)
  12. Sarah Finn (paid)
  13. Erik Haynes (paid)
  14. Adam Meader (paid)
  15. Matt Lemoine (paid)
  16. Kenny Weiner (paid)
  17. Sam Keogh (Paid)
  18. Zoe Vrabel (paid)
  19. Cody Gamache (paid)
  20. Daniel Rone (paid)
  21. Mitch Gagnon (paid)
  22. Jeremy Gagnon (paid)
  23. Mike Gaudet (paid)
  24. Geoff Alterman (paid)
  25. Sheri Hendricks (paid)
  26. Derek Foxwell (paid)
  27. David Foxwell (paid)
  28. Zheanna Murray (paid)
  29. Davey Plaisted (paid)
  30. Jason Burwen (paid)
  31. Ethan Burwen (paid)
  32. Mike Desmarais (paid)


  1. Alan MacLean
  2. Chris Brunette (paid)
  3. Nate Straz
  4. Derek Beam
  5. Ivy Beam
  6. Chip Morton
  7. Tim Gillogly
  8. Will Parks
  9. Nick Galbiso
  10. Eric Geddes

No Response registrants:

  1. Nick DeStefano


Registration will open at Noon Eastern on Saturday February 3rd, and will remain open until 32 spots are filled. At that time, the registration link will be posted at the top of the event page on TheLowerPlayfield.com and e-mailed to all members of the mailing list. Once/If 32 spots are filled, waitlist registration will remain open until the week before the tournament on February 17th. Payment of fees within 72h of registration via PayPal/Venmo will be required. If you prefer cash at the door, and have played in 2 past tournaments at Lower Playfield before, we will accept cash at the door. Please contact Derek or Jordan directly to confirm you will be doing so, or to make arrangements, or your registration may be cancelled. If you are registering for multiple people (Friends/Siblings/Children/Alien Overlords) please fill out the form twice!

Once you confirm you are on the registration list above, please make payment via:

  • Paypal: paypal.me/mutterfudder
  • Venmo: @Derek-Correia

Registration fees will be fully refundable until February 17th. After February 17th, refund requests will be accepted less the house fee. Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

House Rules and Event FAQ

Prize Schedule

Assuming a full slate of 32 players, the following prize schedule will be used:

  • 1st place: $180
  • 2nd: $130
  • 3rd: $80
  • 4th: $50
  • 5-8 Single Game Winner: $20 Funspot Tokens Gift Card

Two games of Stallball will be run for non-finalists and will each be awarded $10 to the winner (you can only win once, but if you wanna play twice, cool cool).

We will give a second Funspot Tokens Gift Card out to a participant who doesn’t win any other prize! Again, thank you Funspot for providing that prize!

$20 of entry fees will be reserved to help offset costs of the trophies.


February 24
10:30 am - 6:30 pm