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Avernursary Matchplay Mayhem All Playoff Tournament at the Lower Playfield

October 7 @ 10:30 am - 8:00 pm


Registration Link: Click Here to Register

Tournament Details

  • October 7th, 2023 at the Lower Playfield in Goffstown NH.
  • Doors at 10:30 AM, Tournament starts promptly at 11:30.
  • 32 player limit
  • This event is IFPA sanctioned
  • It’s an anniversary party! Complimentary champagne/sparkling grape juice toast before we start.
  • Registration begins August 29th at noon Eastern time.
  • $30 per player ($20 prize pool, $9 house fee for free play, electricity offset, snacks and drinks, $1 IFPA Endorsement fee) is due via Paypal/Venmo within 72h of registration. Cash at door accepted for players who have played 2 tournaments in the last year here — you must contact Derek or Jordan to make arrangements if you’re paying cash at door or some other way.

Come celebrate our 1 year Anniversary of The Lower Playfield tournaments! Who woulda thunk it — a whole year! Our first tournament was a 16 person flip frenzy — how far we’ve come! Let’s celebrate the past and also farm some WPPRs like we do these days.

Matchplay Mayhem will will be a head-to-head battle royale. We’ll start with 13 rounds of head-to-head Max Matchplay, where you will be placed with another player randomly on a game head to head. Once all players have played 13 games, the top 16 will move on to 4 player, 3 game match play groups scored 4-2-1-0. Your first game will be assigned as a random “short play” game. The high seed of the group will choose the other two games or position, with the next highest seed choosing, and so on. Players may only select a game ONCE during the playoffs. Top two from each group move on to the next round until we crown a winner!

Players eliminated in the Semifinal round will play 1 game for a consolation prize.

Didn’t make the playoffs? No problem! Everyone who missed the playoffs will be put into a head-to-head, single game bracket. The winner takes home a prize as well!

WPPR Fiends: This will calculate to 31 TGP, or 124% WPPR value. The single elimination bracket is not IFPA certified and is just for the prizes!

As for time, I’ll note we are running tournament types we’ve not run before! However, we anticipate the Max Matchplay portion to take roughly 3-4 hours, and the finals to take an additional 3 hours for the main bracket, and (concurrent with finals) around an hour/hour and a half for the lower bracket.

Players who have Registered (manually updated, please be patient)

  1. Alan Maclean (COD)
  2. Joe Lemire (COD)
  3. Zoƫ Vrabel (paid)
  4. Dan Wilga (paid)
  5. Matt Lemoine (paid)
  6. Curtis Rossi (paid)
  7. Skip Horner (COD)
  8. Bill MacDonald (paid)
  9. Sam Keogh (COD)
  10. Patrick Countryman
  11. Michael Lupo (pre-paid)
  12. Vince Vitiello (paid)
  13. Seamus Meader (COD)
  14. Mitch Gagnon (paid)
  15. Jayme Lindahl (paid)
  16. Derek Foxwell (paid)
  17. Cody Gamache (paid)
  18. Jeremy Gagnon (paid)
  19. Adam Meader (COD)
  20. David Foxwell (paid)
  21. Will Parks (paid)
  22. Julia Barnes-Brown (paid)
  23. Geoff Alterman (paid)
  24. Mike Havens (paid)
  25. Mike Gaudet (paid)
  26. Allison Havens (paid)
  27. Sarah Finn (paid)
  28. Mike Desmarais (paid)
  29. Derek Beam (paid)
  30. Ivy Beam (paid)
  31. James McFatter (paid)
  32. Chris Brunette (paid)


  1. Tom Geary


Registration will open at Noon Eastern on August 29th, and will remain open until 32 spots are filled. At that time, the registration link will be posted at the top of the event page on TheLowerPlayfield.com. Once/If 32 spots are filled, waitlist registration will remain open until the week before the tournament on October 1st. Payment of fees within 72h of registration via PayPal/Venmo will be required. If you prefer cash at the door, and have played in 2 past tournaments at Lower Playfield before, we will accept cash at the door. Please contact Derek or Jordan directly to confirm you will be doing so, or to make arrangements, or your registration may be cancelled. If you are registering for multiple people (Friends/Siblings/Children/Alien Overlords) please fill out the form twice!

Once you confirm you are on the registration list above, please make payment via:

  • Paypal: paypal.me/mutterfudder
  • Venmo: @Derek-Correia

Registration fees will be fully refundable until October 1st. After October 1st, refund requests will be accepted less the house fee. Exceptions made on a case-by-case basis.

Prize Schedule

Payouts as follows assuming a full field of 32 participants. Some form of trophy will be present for the first place winner at a minimum:

  • First Place: $200
  • Second: $150
  • Third: $110
  • Fourth: $90
  • Survivor of the 5-8th match: $50
  • Winner of the Lower Bracket: $40 and a trophy


October 7
10:30 am - 8:00 pm