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WPPRMania 2 — The All Day, 3 Tournament, Too-Much-Pinball Party Returns

April 27, 2024 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 pm


Pre-Registration Link: Registration Information coming January, 2024. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of up-to-date details.

Tournament Details

  • April 27th, 2024 at the Lower Playfield in Goffstown NH.
  • 3 Tournaments. 1 Epic Day. All tournaments at this event will be IFPA sanctioned.
  • Doors at 9 AM, Tournaments start at 10.
  • WPPRMania has a strict 32 player limit. Due to the chaos of WPPRMania, we must insist on no non-competitors at this tournament.
  • Registration information will be announced January, 2024.
  • $70 per player ($20 Main Tournament entry, $10 Battle Royale entry, $15 Survivor Series entry, $25 house fee (for trophies, free play, electricity offset, dinner, snacks and drinks, and IFPA endorsement fees)) is due via Paypal/Venmo within one week of registration. There is no option for opting out of/in to a subset of tournaments.
  • WPPRMania entries must be paid in full within one week of registration. Due to the incredible overhead of the tournament, we must insist in all fees being paid in advance — either online or in person. If you cannot pay online at registration, you must reach out to hello @ thelowerplayfield . com to make arrangements, or you will be moved to the waitlist. I apologize for the inconvenience but we must insist on pre-pay on this tournament every year. Thanks for your understanding!

At the time the largest single day of tournaments in known New Hampshire Pinball History* (* — Probably not accurate), 27 competitors came to compete at the inaugural WPPRMania and compete in 3 distinct tournaments that day. Now, in celebration of that tournament specticle, WPPRMania returns — with 3 new tournaments, more WPPRs at stake, and dinner for all participants! Play in 2 or 3 fun tournaments and have an opportunity to reset each time! Or be the one to unite the championships!

Probably no longer the largest series in the state. Still the raddest.

Come ready for a long, grueling day of pinball. Prepare — for WPPRMania 2!

Event 1: The Main Event (9 rounds of Matchplay Double Ups, Matchplay finals)

Event 1 will consist of 4-player matchplay groups playing a long-play and short-play game using IFPA Scoring (7-5-3-1). First groups will be random, subsequent groups will be tiered swiss. Top 8 total points at the end of 9 rounds will go to Finals (tiebreaks for seeding are number of 1-2 finishes). Any tiebreaks for the bubble will be a single short play game announced at the start of the tournament.

Finals will be 4 player, 4 game banks scored PAPA 4-2-1-0 format. Highest Seeds will have choice of three, pre-selected banks to play on. All 8 finalists will receive cash prizes.

This tournament will be worth 200% TGP value.

Event 2: Royal Rumble (9 round Max Matchplay, 4 player Matchplay final)

Event 2 will run concurrently with the finals of Event 1. Per IFPA 2024 regulations, this tournament will allow finalists from the other tournament to participate at their discretion. There will be incentives in place to hopefully minimize this from happening, which will be detailed at a later date. Participants in both Main Event finals and this tournament will have 1 minute to report to either game when not in play.

There is the potential that additional money will be collected for a bonus pot. If that happens, all 4 finalists will earn an equal share of that pot. Participants of both the Royal Rumble finals and Main Event finals are not eligible for bonus pot payouts.

9 rounds of head to head Max Matchplay, with top 4 making finals. Finals will be a 3 game, 4 player final scored 4-2-1-0.

TGP value will be 60%.

Dinner Break: Dinner options will be announced before registration.

Event 3: Survivor Series (9 Progressive Strikes, Double Fast Banks)

Event 3 will be a 9 progressive strike knockout (0-1-2-3 strikes for 4 player groups, 0-1-2 for 3 player groups). Rounds will be “Short Play, Short Play, Long Play” and repeating in that order every 3 rounds until 1 player remains. Top 8 get cash prizes.

Anticipated TGP is 21, or 84%.

Players who have Registered (manually updated, please be patient)

  1. Derek Correia (TD, Host)
  2. Jordan Knights (TD, Host)
  3. Brian O’Neill (Prior Year WPPRMania Champion Exemption)
  4. Allison O’Neill (Exemption)

Prior Champions:

Prior Champions may elect to have a registration place, and optionally a +1, held for them prior to registration starting. If you are a prior champion, please e-mail us at hello@thelowerplayfield and we will hold registration spots for you.

  1. James McFatter (Prior Year WPPRMania Champion Exemption)
  2. Seamus Meader (Prior Year WPPRMania Champion Exemption)



Registration Information will be coming at a future date.

Prize Schedule

Main Event:

All main event participants will receive $20 (Refund for Royal Rumble + $10 Good Sportsman fee) if they opt out of the Royal Rumble, in addition to the below:

  • 1st place: $200
  • 2nd: $150
  • 3rd: $100
  • 4th: $70
  • 5th through 8th: $30 each

Royal Rumble:

  • 1st: $90 + 25% of bonus pot
  • 2nd: $60 + 25% of bonus pot
  • 3rd: $50 + 25% of bonus pot
  • 4th: $40 + 25% of bonus pot

Survivor Series:

  • 1st: $170
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd: $70
  • 4th: $40
  • 5th through 8th: $25 each



April 27, 2024
9:00 am - 10:00 pm