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WPPRMANIA — 3 Pinball Tournaments. 1 Epic Day.

April 29, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

The hype. The spectacle… nothing compares to WPPRMANIA!!! One Day. THREE IFPA-Rated Tournaments. Epic fun.
Designed to be the highest bang-for-your-buck day if you care about WPPR points, fun, and flippin, WPPRMania is a full day of multiple pinball tournaments. Certainly catered to the individual who wants ranking points, but designed to be a full, fun day for all. Prizes, food, and more — can you survive …. WPRRMANIA?!?!
Date: April 29th, 2023
The Lower Playfield, Goffstown NH
Doors: 9 AM, First play promptly at 10 AM. Breaks at 1:30PM, and dinner (TBD). Expected completion around 8-9 PM.
STRICT LIMIT of 28 players MAX.
ENTRY: $50 (Broken down as $20 for main event prize pool, $5 to Frenzy pool, $10 to 8-Strikes pool, $15 for IFPA Fees and house fees). Registration details and link will be posted March 3rd at Noon. Registration is not confirmed until payment is sent — You may register for a spot, but if others pay before you do, you will be waitlisted. All fees refundable up to 1 week prior to tournament for any reason (exceptions will be made after that on a case-by-case basis).
Tournament #1: The Main Event: 12 Round Matchplay
Players will compete in 12 rounds of Tiered Swiss Matchplay on 2 banks of machines (machines will be halved between historically long running games and shorter running games using matchplay data from prior tournaments at the Lower Playfield). Scoring will be 7-5-3-1 based on finish (7-4-1 for 3 player groups, if applicable).
After 12 rounds, the top 8 players will compete in a 4 game matchplay playoff. Games will be on banks revealed at the time of finals. Highest seed in each group will have choice of bank. Order of play will be chosen for the first game, and order of finish for all subsequent games (1st place finisher in the prior game will play first, 2nd place will play 2nd, and so on). Top 2 from each group of finalists will play in a final round to determine place of finish.
The Main Event will have roughly 160% TGP and will be MASSIVE RANKING POINTS.
Didn’t make the finals? That’s okay… because you’re on to:
Tournament #2: 90 minute Royal Rumble (Flip Frenzy) + Finals!
Running concurrently with the Main Event Finals, all other players will compete in a 90 minute flip frenzy on games not currently being used in the finals. Players will play 2 player games with the winner getting a point. After playing as player 2, players will go back in to a queue to wait for another competitor. After 90 minutes, no more games will be started. The top 4 players by win differential (with automatic tiebreaks being win differential by games played) will move on to a 4 game Matchplay final to determine finishing order.
Around the time that that wraps up, it should be dinner time. Followed by…
Tournament #3: 8 Progressive Strike Matchplay
Players will be randomly placed into groups of 3 or 4 for rounds of matchplay, alternating in banks as was done in the main event. After the first round, the tournament will be fully swissed, meaning that you will be playing against players with similar results as yourself. Progressive strikes means you will get strikes for each game equal to the number of players who finished above you in the game (0-1-2-3 strikes for 4 player groups, 0-1-2 for 3 player groups). Once a player hits 8 strikes, they are eliminated from subsequent rounds. Top 4 players will receive prizes.
Prize Structure (Assuming full field of 28 players):
Main Event:
1st: $200
2nd: 150
3rd: 100
4th: 50
5th-8th: $15
Royal Rumble:
1st: $55
2nd: $40
3rd: $30
4th: $15
1st: $110
2nd: 80
3rd: 60
4th: 30
Sodas, Beverages, Snacks, and shitty beer provided. We will also be providing THE Homemade Mac & Cheese at the dinner break. This is a full day of pinball, so we HIGHLY recommend bringing a bag lunch for the lunch break! Optionally, I will facilitate a DoorDash order to a local pizza place for the group if you’d prefer to order out for lunch.
Comments, concerns, questions — fire away to myself or Jordan. Otherwise… are you game enough to STEP INTO THE RING??!?!?!


April 29, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 pm


The Lower Playfield