Hi friends! We run things a little differently at the Lower Playfield, and so this page is to help identify questions, answers, house rules, and details around the registration!

Where is the Lower Playfield?

We host tournaments out of our home in Goffstown NH. For obvious reasons, we don’t broadcast this location through the interwebs (though this probably isn’t hard to find). A full address will be provided in the leadup to the tournament in the e-mail the week prior. If you can’t find that, e-mail us at Hello @ thelowerplayfield . com and we’ll help out.

What are the house rules?

We will review them every tournament, but in short: Respect other players, and respect the game. We don’t allow any verbal altercations with other players, and reserve the right to issue a warning or ejection from the tournament if any player can’t calm down. Yes, we understand emotions in the heat of the moment, but if you can’t be respectful, we’d ask you find other tournaments to play at.

Additionally, these are all home games that we are excited to share with you. Excessive shoving, abuse, death save and bangback attempts, or physically striking machines will likely be an immediate ejection from the tournament. Simply put: don’t do it!

We will have snacks and drinks available for everyone, but if you’re concerned about food and or beverage, please bring a bag/BYOB. Please don’t get excessively hammered here. The basement fridge has a shelf dedicated for folks to store anything that needs to be kept cold. Please don’t take things from that shelf, the fridge door, or the drawers that aren’t yours. Thanks!

We have a published Code of Conduct that should answer any other questions, but if not, just ask!

What’s with the pre-registration?

In short: we run a lot of tournaments that require a set number of people, and we want to make sure people show up. We’re not a big spot and so pre-registration helps us understand if we have enough folks for formats, and make sure that people have enough room to move around freely without bumping in to each other. We’re sorry if you want to join us and we fill up — I really wish we had infinite space! — but this keeps our tournaments manageable and fun for everyone.

Why do I have to pre-pay?

It’s really the same as above: we need to make sure that folks are going to show up and we have the right number of people. Additionally, it helps in getting the prize money all sorted before everyone shows up. We understand that’s NOT an option for everyone, so we do allow folks who have played here before to e-mail us and let us know they are paying the day of, if they need to. The only exception to that so far is WPPRMania due to the large number of tournaments and the chaos that day brings.

What if I can’t pay online?

E-mail us when you register and let’s see if we can work something out!

What if I plan to pay at the door and don’t show up?

People who don’t show up and planned to pay at the door will be unable to play here in the future without pre-paying. Sorry.

Why so micro-managery with all the registration and payment stuff?

This is how I manage the stress of 30 people showing up at my home to play pinball. Sorry if it feels fidgety to you.

What if something comes up and I can’t make it?

We get it — life happens, and it’s only pinball! Please let us know you can’t make it as soon as you know you can’t make it. Each tournament has details on how we’ll refund your entry.

Do you host non-tournament events? League nights? NEPL?

As of now, no — we don’t have any open nights. While we’ve both played in NEPL, we are not a NEPL location. There are a TON of great NEPL locations less than 20 miles from here, and we don’t see a reason to try to find a night and crowd that competes with what these incredible sites are doing.

We have contemplated having some open nights and non-tournament style nights, but haven’t done any yet. If we do them, they’ll be listed in the Events section. Or, y’know, drop us a line.

How come my question isn’t listed here?

You haven’t asked us! Send an e-mail (hello at thelowerplayfield dot com) and we’ll see what we can do to answer it!