Our hope and philosophy with the games in the collection is to show (and test!) the breadth of skills and eras that pinball gives. We try to find games that bring unique layouts, rules, and features to give a sense of all pinball can offer.

Attack from Mars

Bally/Williams, 1995

Regarded as one of the greatest games of the DMD era, one of the greatest games with a fan layout, and simply — one of the greatest games ever.

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Cirqus Voltaire

Bally/Williams, 1997

One of the stranger layouts of the DMD era, Cirqus Voltaire was maligned at release and was one of William’s shortest run games as the pinball division began winding down. Now regarded by many as a fun, albeit odd, game.

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Bally, 1981


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Foo Fighters (Pro)

Stern Pinball, 2023

Ladies and gentlemen, Foo FIH-Tuhs.

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Game of Thrones (Premium)

Stern Pinball, 2015

Another game that was later saved by a code update, Game of Thrones is a fast and flowy Steve Ritchie game. With multiple ways to play, different houses and powerups to use, the game has great replayability and deep strategy.

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Godzilla (Premium)

Stern Pinball, 2021

Undoubtedly one of Stern’s biggest hits in the LCD era, Godzilla is another hit from Keith Elwin. With crazy ramps, multiple side flipper shots, and code that goes for days, every shot makes something happen and provides crazy scoring opportunity.

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Grand Prix

Williams, 1976

A Steve Kordek masterpiece. This symmetric EM is all about Spinner Rips and Saucer collects. With fast action and dangerous inlanes, Grand Prix is a gas.

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Guns n Roses: Not in this Lifetime (SE)

Jersey Jack Pinball, 2020

Almost certainly JJP’s most successful game at the time of it’s release. Crazy Lightshows and tons of songs from Axl, Slash, Duff and crew. Be ready for multiballs!

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Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Premium)

Stern Pinball, 2018

Keith Elwin’s first and best game. Four flippers, crazy flow, awesome modes, and the beast.

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Jurassic Park (Premium)

Stern Pinball, 2019

Another Elwin classic — with a MOVING RAPTOR GATE and MOVING DINOSAUR HEAD. Great shots, unique modes, and a nearly impossible to hit right orbit.

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Laser Cue

Williams, 1984

With an almost identical layout to Alien Poker, play cosmic laser pool with guys that wear way too little space clothing.

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Lost World

Bally, 1978

An early Solid State with simple solid state rules, but quick and easy to drain.

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Stern Electronics, 1979

A game based on the Sean Connery movie where he tries to rip a giant spinner in space.

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Bally, 1979

A great competitive game with the premise of mystic tic-tac-toe.

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Rick and Morty (BSE)

Spooky Pinball, 2019

Some of the greatest tunes, lightshows, and code in all of pinball, with a brutally difficult and erratic layout, Rick and Morty will keep players of all skill levels on their toes.

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Scoregasm Master

Day One Pinball, 2015

A recreation of Harry Williams’ Contact Master with modern upgrades for sound, power, and lights. Made by many of the fine folks at Pinball Life and friends, a collaborative effort to make a modern Pingame!

The Walking Dead (Pro)

Stern Pinball, 2014

A brutal John Borg layout with awesome Lyman Sheats code. Difficult modes and lots of fun stacking.

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Theatre of Magic

Bally Williams, 1995

A game of the golden DMD era of pinball, Theatre of Magic has a fast flowing layout with cool playfield toys that everyone will love.

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Total Nuclear Annihilation

Spooky Pinball, 2017

Scott Danesi’s masterpiece of throwback pinball design with new concepts. Incredible lightshows and a thumping soundtrack propel you to attempt to destroy all reactors.

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Tron: Legacy (Pro)

Stern Pinball, 2011

A masterpiece of Borg/Sheats, Tron is a fast and brutal game of qualifying modes and trying to get to the portal. The addition of powerballs makes the journey even faster…

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Trident (with updated 2020 code)

Stern Electronics, 1979

A great and unique layout emblematic of the experimentation in the early Solid State era. Only one outlane, but with a deadly inlane. Improved with new code to add additional scoring opportunities.

Wild Fyre (with updated 2023 code)

Stern Electronics, 1978

A quirky spinner and bonus collect game, now with added depth from inlane multipliers, skill shots, and controllable bonus and spinner lighting.