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  • Small tournaments of 4 players, winner take all, live from The Lower Playfield on Friday nights! Full commentary! Multiple games! Awesome people all around!
  • Watch live: (follow to be notified when the livestream goes live)
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  • Interested in playing or commentating in a future Friday Night Flips? Use this form and let us know — we will e-mail when open nights come up!
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Episode Guide:

Episode 1: A Brand New Invention

  • Featuring Chris Brunette, Mitch Gagnon, Sam Keogh, and Erik Peabody. Commentary by Zheanna Murray and Jordan Knights.
  • Youtube Link

Episode 2: The Flip Zone

  • Featuring Mike Prince, Tim Desmarais, Vince Vitiello, and Mike Brewster. Commentary by Will Parks and Steve Woodbury.
  • YouTube Link (Note: the pre-show and first few balls of game 1 were lost to a technical issue.)

Episode 3: Cream of the Crop

  • Featuring Allison O’Neill, Brian O’Neill, Daniel Rone, and Zoë Vrabel. Commentary by Derek Correia and Will Parks.
  • YouTube Link

Episode 4: Cosmic Cottage Arcade

  • Featuring Ross Bergen, Zheanna Murray, Ian Hobson, and Cody Gamache. Commentary by Derek Correia and Jordan Knights.
  • Youtube Link

Episode 5: Back to the Start

  • Featuring Derek Beam, Ivy Beam, Barrett Huntress, and Rich Lasker. Commentary by Derek Correia and Jordan Knights.
  • YouTube Link

Episode 6: In Da Club

  • Featuring Michael Corbett, Augustus Eustis, Will Parks, and Mike Testa. Commentary by Cody Gamache and Zheanna Murray.
  • YouTube Link

Episode 7: Staying Cool, Daddio!

  • Featuring Julia Barnes-Brown, Andrew Diorio, Lucas Herter, and Jordan Knights. Commentary by Derek Correia and Will Parks.
  • July 19th, 2024 at 7 PM at

Info on Friday Night Flips:

When I was a kid, I’d watch candlepin bowling shows on the weekends with my grandparents. Don Gillis! Candlepin Stars and Strikes! You’d get to watch a few bowlers roll a few frames, sometimes do the spare challenges, get some good commentary… after a while you get to know a few people…

What if we could do small competitions for fun with pinball? Enter Friday Night Flips.

Friday Night Flips is a series of 4 player, winner take all tournaments that take place at The Lower Playfield and are broadcast live on Twitch. The idea is to showcase the incredible number of excellent pinball players in New England in a short, fun, competitive format with the games we have at TLP.

We’ll have theme nights, grudge matches, and nights where it’s just 4 people who wanna play pinball. Either way, the goal is to broadcast some great pinball play with a slight “after dark” vibe for the enjoyment of all involved.

Players will play match play in 4-2-1-0 scoring to 21 points. At the start of the night, we’ll draw numbers to determine the order of play for the first 4 games. Each player will get to pick one game in The Lower Playfield and we’ll play those 4 in order of numbers drawn. After the 4th game, the last place finisher of the prior game will pick from the unselected games in the basement until no games remain or someone hits the target 21 points!

All the while, we’ll have commentators in the commentary bar calling the action. TLP isn’t a big venue: everyone down here is going to hear the booth and callouts from chat. Expect a looser, more casual stream than your normal pinball tournament :).

Would you like to be on FNF? Do you have a group or team you’d like to highlight and compete against? Or are you coming in solo? Please fill out our interest form to be considered for future episodes: If you already contacted us via e-mail, we have your information, so you don’t need to fill the form out (unless you want to).

For the enjoyment of our viewers, we are turning off as much platform advertising as possible and relying on the support of our wonderful partners to bring you these matches. If you are interested in supporting Friday Night Flips, please review our advertising page.

(Note: Some people have contacted us with interest and said “I’m not sure if I’m a good enough player”. Our goal is to have some episodes with top players, and some episodes with very amateur players, and everything in between. If you’re interested, and you want to play, I’m confident we can make it work 😁)