Hi all — just a quick update to let you know that registration for WPPRMania 2 will be changing from February 18th to March 10th. With our last tournament, we had additional website difficulties that kept some people from being able to register. Simply put: I really don’t want that for WPPRMania. I’m in the process of selecting and moving my sites to another hosting provider. This should be simple, but I host a lot of websites for friends and their businesses, so it’s taking a bit longer to get right.

Pushing registration out 1 month will give me time to make sure everything is good for our biggest event of the year.

Most importantly, nothing is changing for WPPRMania 2. The sequel to the largest single day of tournaments in NH is still happening on April 27th. All details are still on the event page.

Stay tuned — we might have something else up our sleeves before we see you next 🙂

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